The Top 5 Fireworks Shows In The World

Great fireworks can take your breath away, as the sky erupts in a million dots of light. Around the globe, thousands of cities hold fireworks events each year, and many of them are dazzling spectacles. If you’re looking to catch a truly stunning display, here are five cities that are sure to impress with their firework celebrations.

Sydney, Australia

Australia’s largest city is a great place to take in the sights and sounds of a firework display. The city is known for its larger than life firework events, with the backdrop of Sydney Harbour and the world-famous Sydney Opera House. The opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games went down as one of the most spectacular displays in history, and the good news is that you’re not too late to have your own fireworks experience in Sydney. This city considers itself the New Year’s Eve capital of the world, and hosts an awe-inspiring display to usher in each new year.

Beijing, China

No list of the best firework shows in the world would be complete, without a city from the homeland of fireworks, China. Beijing is another city that put on a colossal fireworks display during its Olympic opening ceremony (in 2008), and the city also offers a free display for everyone as part of its Chinese New Year celebrations. If you really want to get the full experience in Beijing, make sure to find yourself a rooftop viewpoint from one of the city’s many tower blocks.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has become synonymous with the overwhelming and remarkable, and fireworks displays in the city are no different. The fireworks which marked the opening of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper in 2010, were something extraordinary with sparks cascading the 828 meter length of the building. It comes as no surprise that Dubai also spares no expense when it comes to its New Year’s Eve fireworks event. Thousands of visitors flock here every year for spectacular New Year’s celebrations in this desert city.

Austin, Texas, United States

The saying goes, ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ and fireworks displays are no exception. The Texas state capital, Austin is a particularly good place to head if you want to experience a fireworks show in the United States. The Independence Day celebrations on the 4th of July are the best time to visit. Austin does not just host one fireworks event for Independence Day, but dozens stretched the whole way across the city. Many are free to attend, and some of them will also offer you the chance to sample some famous Texan barbeque.

London, United Kingdom

The last city on this list, London recently wowed the world with their display to mark the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games, but that is by no means where the firework fun ends. If you’d like to see some fireworks on your visit to London, you can’t choose a better time than Bonfire Night, on the 5th of November every year. Celebrating the failure of a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, Bonfire Night events are held all over the capital. If you’re unsure which one to attend, why not try the Battersea Park display? This one is particularly famed for its riverside setting and dramatic fireworks.

Fireworks are enjoyed by people around the globe, and marveling at brilliant pyrotechnic displays is a pleasure we can all share. Hopefully you’ll be able to see some cool fireworks on one of your travels!

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