Taking the Kids on a Fiji Beach Holiday

When I asked my ten year old daughter why she loved Fiji for our family holiday she laughed and reminded me of the hour on the beach having her hair braided. I remember that hour. It was one of many hours my husband and I spent relaxing on the white sand, under an umbrella, while the kids were entertained by the locals. As well as hair braiding, there was a wonderful woman who taught the kids to weave and I remember a few games of beach soccer with the local kids too.

The people of Fiji are very welcoming and happy. Those we met seemed to really love children, and although I didn’t have a baby for them to coo over (as I saw with some of our fellow holiday makers), my children were stars. The kids were treated with such care and attention that it was easy to relax and have a bit more of a holiday than I usually expect.

Family Places to Stay in Fiji

We stayed in a resort that had daily activities for the kids. We used the kids club twice to our advantage. The resort also boasted a day spa on site, so, one morning we indulged in a heavenly massage and body treatments while the children played water volleyball in the pool and took a dance class and art lessons. The second time was for sunset cocktails at our private table overlooking the water. That night the children were happily watching a movie.

I always enjoy taking my kids on holiday. Each morning is filled with excitement and the question, ‘what will we do today?’ In Fiji it was sometimes difficult to choose. With such a good expanse of beach calling to us it was an effort to tear ourselves away from it and go and explore a bit more. But really, a beach holiday almost requires you to spend most of it relaxing and splashing about in the water. No one felt guilty about lazing about. That’s not to say there was nothing else to do, though.

Things To Do with the Kids in Fiji

There are great activities in Fiji for the more adventurous. We were part of a group of 12 who donned life jackets and snorkeled in the bay. The water was a beautiful temperature and very clear. The children were surprised at how much goes on under the surface of the water. The kids liked the adventure of snorkeling, and enjoyed jumping off the boat countless times as well!

There was also a glass bottomed boat available for those who didn’t want to get their face in the water. Another option was a high powered jet boat, so you could see all of the colors flash by in an instant, while exploring the bay.

Fiji is such a popular destination for families because it is so friendly. Things are relaxed and easy, and there is always a smiling person waiting to assist you with the kids, or suggest something to do. Of course there’s always the choice to do nothing at all, but relax and enjoy the holiday.

About the author: Analiese Long+ loves traveling with her kids.

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