Highlighted Overview of OS X YESOMITE

Apple’s new operating system X Yosemite would be the eleventh version of OS X. It would be server and desktop operating system for Apple’s Macintosh computer. Yosemite came on 2nd June 2014 for developers accounted at Apple worldwide developer’s conference.  The beta version for testing purposes was released for public on 24 July 2014. The stable version for consumers would be released soon.See the Highlighted Overview of OS X YESOMITE below.

Overview of OS X YESOMITE

Yosemite has the revision to operating system’s UI which got inspiration from iOS version 7. Using OSX Yosemite its totally different experience. The system is separately experienced application by application, Pixel by pixel and feature by feature. Macintosh has totally new and fresh design and looks. There is new customized notification centre which would give you detailed information in a very widget of reminders, weather info, current stocks, new and upcoming events and much more.

Another new excellent feature added by apple is the Spotlight. With spotlight it became easier to find things, files on the computer. Also it could find information from Wikipedia, Google, yahoo, Bing, etc.

For developers the new Developer Preview 5 Edition was launched on August 4 2014. Apple is continuously highlighting the numerous changes for Yosemite on the official website like flatter look, streamline toolbar in Safari. The notification centre has integration with third party applications. Safari has been updated with various new features like Favourites view with frequently visited websites and also the tabs management which has made easier for apple user to manage more than on tab. The spotlight has made tasks easier for Safari browser.  The new Mail Drop feature has bypassed the small file limit for sending attachments from other email providers. It also allows users to receive and send attachments to 5 GB through iCloud.

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Users can view messages in Mac by synchronizing Sms conversations through MAC and iOS devices. You can also send video and audio clips through messages.

Continuity is a theme in OSX Yosemite which ensures user that they can move between devices. A feature called Handoff in Yosemite allows users to switch the devices and start right from the left off.  Like OS7, Yosemite has a flatter design and style. Side bars, menu bars and other elements allow users to select background which could shine through. The dock is 2D, Many icons, applications; buttons with operating system have been tweaked with simple and harmonious style and design.

The fonts are also updated in Yosemite. Now these are more consistent and legible through Mac experience. The new typeface looks great through the retina display. The notification centre has designed in such a way that it presents a complete summary of the day including birthdays.

Various default applications in Apple software have been tweaked heavily with new looks and ability. Browser Safari has been slimmed with smart search feature. Safari includes a new Nitro JavaScript, letting it to operate faster than ever. When you watch Netflix, the OS provides a function of getting extra two hours for battery life.

Apple has been always known for its development at its laboratory. After Tim cook has been declared as the company apple had suffered several lawsuits and difficulties from other manufacturers but it resolved quickly.

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