Budget Travel Tips – Prague on a Shoestring

Don’t get conned by the tourist traps on your trip to Prague. Prague is one of the most famous cities in the world, and with so many things to see and do, there are plenty of ways to spend all your money. There’s another way, though.

Many of the city’s sites are free to enjoy, and museum prices aren’t expensive either. Use this guide, and you can enjoy some of the best attractions in Prague, for free! Save your funds for a delicious dinner out, or more of that lovely Czech beer.

See the Prague Castle courtyards

The first and third courtyards of the ancient Prague Castle are free to explore. The first courtyard is at the castle entrance and includes huge statues of battling soldiers. Every day at every hour, you can see the changing of the guard ceremony here, for free. The Third Courtyard has the ticket office if you want to buy a one or two day tour ticket, but for free here you can admire a massive granite sculpture dedicated to the fallen of World War One, and a statue of St George slaying his dragon.

Visit St Vitus Cathedral

Next to the Third Courtyard in the Prague Castle grounds is the stunning cathedral of St Vitus. This holy building is free to explore and has a remarkable stained glass window, as well as incredible examples of Gothic architecture. If you have the energy, climb to the top of the Great Tower and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Prague.

Walk over the Charles Bridge

The famous bridge of Prague connects the bohemian district of Mala Strana with the beautiful Old Town. Charles Bridge is over 600 years old and has defied the odds to remain standing. The bridge is usually very busy during the day, but if you visit it at sunrise you’ll be speechless at the incredible view of the city.

Discover the Astronomical Clock

Find out what all the fuss is about with a visit to Old Town Square. The delicate Astronomical Clock may feel a bit of an anti-climax, but it’s still a must-see when visiting Prague. Plus it doesn’t cost anything to wander in the old cobbled lanes and experience the heart of Prague life.

View art in Old Town and New Town

In either Prague’s Old town or New town, it’s free to enjoy some world-class art. David Černý is a famous contemporary artist in Prague, and his unique (and a bit odd) sculptures adorn the city. Find the Pissing Statues in Mala Strana, a wonky King Wenceslas in New Town, or look for the Hanging Out sculpture in Old Town.

Eat like the locals

Save money on eating out by exploring just a little bit further. Walk one or two streets away from the main tourist areas and you’ll find plenty of hearty, warming, cheap Czech food. Try the stews, roasted duck or thick soups with a tasty local beer. You can also discover Prague’s love of Asian food at the noodle bars and restaurants – in particular the tasty food at Hotel Yasmin Prague is very reasonable.

Catch some live music

For an inexpensive night out, there are many bars which have live music and free entry. What could be better? Jazz Republic bar and club is one such place with free admission, and it showcases excellent local talent.

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