5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While You Travel

When you aren’t home, the only thing protecting your belongings from intruders could be a wooden door. Not to mention that your home’s windows are made of glass, which can easily be broken with a single swing of a hammer. Many people ask themselves what they can do to protect their home while they are away – we have some answers. Here are five top ways to keep your house and belongings safe while you travel.

1. Buy a Dog

Most intruders don’t want to have to deal with a dog, especially if you buy one of the larger variety. A dog’s bark alone can make intruders think twice about choosing your house as a potential target. Why would the want to break into a home that is guarded by a dog when there are many homes without one? The answer simply put – they don’t.

2. Neighborhood Watch

It may be worth your time to put together a neighborhood watch. Placing warning signs in your yard or on the side of your house that warn intruders about the neighborhood watch will make them think twice about breaking into your home. Also, having a neighborhood watch provides extra eyes that can alert the police of a break-in.

3. Home Security System

Home security systems are becoming more popular each year. The reason is that they work! Not only do they provide a warning sign to scare off burglars, but many home security systems will instantly call the police if somebody breaks in. Make sure to check out all the home security systems reviewsbefore you choose the best system for your home. This is vital to make sure you get the best price, and the highest quality of protection.

4. Keep Everything Locked

Before you leave your house make sure that you lock everything up. This doesn’t just include the door itself, but you should make sure that any windows, storage sheds and garage doors are secured as well. This may not keep out an intruder entirely, but it will dissuade them and will slow them down.

5. Hire a House Sitter

If you are going to be gone for a long period of time you can always hire somebody to watch over the house in your absence. They will not only be able to dissuade intruders, but they can maintain the place until you return. And of course if you have a dog, they can take care of your pet at the same time.

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